Integrated Security Solutions

Carillon is specialized in providing Integrated Security Solutions and offers a long term reliable partnership that innovates ideas into real world applications with cost effective solutions for clients business requirements. Leveraging the maximum potential from the best in class resources, processes and technologies, Carillon aides clients in accelerating time to market, reduce operational cost and empowers them to focus on their core business activities. Carillon follows some of the most well conceived and proven technology processes to control research and development costs without compromising the quality of the solutions.

IT Infrastructure

Carillon provides custom solutions for infrastructure services, system integration, data center management, IT help desk services, IT infrastructure security services, business services management and end user support system. We provide quality service and ensure compliance, security and quickness in our processes. As part of our Infrastructure Services, we help optimize the performance of your applications, manage end-to-end implementations and provide customized services to build, manage, and optimize IT infrastructure.

IT Managed Services

IT departments face new challenges everyday, from acquisition and merging of business units and new regulatory requirements to shorter product lifecycle and increasing competition. Their ability to respond efficiently is often limited by technical workloads, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions, causing delays and implementation shortfalls. Not being able to appropriately address these challenges can stunt growth for the business and dramatically impact the bottom line. Thatís why many companies are looking for an IT Managed Services partner that can provide cost savings while delivering value and driving innovation and transformation for the IT team.

Enterprise IoT and M2M Solutions

A new way to know what's happening in your city with IoT solution using M2M technology that connect machines to give you the visibility you need, improving your ways to manage and deliver services. With our smart city solution all parts of your city, campus, offices and home are connected to let you communicate and know what's happening around.